Because every emotion can be portrayed by Shatner


  1. What is this?

    An API server for rendering pictures of William Shatner, one of the greatest actors ever.

  2. How does it work?

    You request a mood using a URL like or, and we will search our extensive archives to find a Shatner picture to match.

  3. No really, how does this work?

    You request an image in the format /mood/[mood] and we try to return a 400x400p jpeg image to match.

  4. Can I request a smaller image?

    Yes using the format /mood/[mood]/[width], for example

  5. Can I request a larger image?

    No sorry, 400x400p is the maximum and the default.

  6. Can I request an image with a file extension?

    Yes! This is useful for clients that will not render an image unless it has a file extension. You can append the optional ".jpg" file extension to your image requests, for example:

  7. What pictures are available now?

    We made a list.

  8. Why did you do this?

    Because Shatner.

A web doodle by John